Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Truth.



  1. How could you do this to us? To your fans, the people who adore you and are in inspired by you. To your friends, because you must have been friends with Hayley and Jeremy. And not even the statement, the past few years of pretending to be happy and pretending that everything was great ):. Why would you do such a thing. I was devastated when you guys left, but that is nothing compared to how I feel now.

  2. It is simply the truth. YOU GUYS wanted an explanation of why we were leaving so there it is. Im not going to talk about all of the FUN times I had while stating the reason I left the band. Does that make sense? Its nothing personal. Sorry that you feel awful.

  3. this blog is fake. :\

  4. Praying for you all. Whatever you do, do it for God. I know thiis must be horrible for all of you right now.

  5. well, thats what i heard on the paramore twitter.

  6. It's not fake go look at the video I just posted.

  7. Put yourself in their shoes and think for a moment. I agree that you will be equally devastated that if they had told the truth from earlier on and quitted. isnt it all the same now ?least you could do is support their decision !

    josh and zac, you guys rock my world!

  8. you and zac will be missed. good luck with anything god decides to have you do. <3

  9. i cant believe you left it was totally unexpected ;[

  10. I'm afaid it all makes the situation harder. I wish you all the best, guys. Thank you also for posting, thanks to that we can know "the both sides of true".
    I'm on both sides of the fence (don't be mad about Paramore's lyric here, but it's the best thing i can say now). I'm with you, your brother, and with Paramore, too.
    I wish you good luck, and i hope we'll hear about you soon. ;)
    Greetings from Poland.

  11. Heck. josh you're damn hot xD

  12. Thank you guys that's very nice of you.

  13. good luck in the future ;p

  14. I'm quite confused by all the things you said about being unhappy and stuff.. I hope it was not always a " nightmare" or so hard :s I wish you guys the best now and I can't now think straight about paramore ahah...
    Anyway you made such great music, and a band I really love
    sorry for my english i'm french :p

    I love you all guys

  15. I just hope both of you (Josh & Zac) keep on making music, because you guys are awesome. best of luck always

  16. i always wondered why people who leave bands write stuff about why they left and never show proof like this that they wrote it. its the perfect solution and perfect proof. kudos to that idea. and also, my heart goes out to you guys, as my older brother and his friend were pushed and pulled in a situation like this with their band [not quite on that big of scale!] nonetheless, youve set the record straight and no matter what you guys do you'll certainly have a lot of people there to support you [and probably turn against the others] but hell, why should you need to hide the truth? No one intentionally likes the villain, and now, because we have a clear perception of who that is, we wont. and all should become how it should have gone..we hope that as much as you guys do. ...happy holidays. next year will probably be both of your power years woopwoop! ;p

  17. "Its like that, And thats the way it is"

  18. Although I am heartbroken (the news of you and Zac leaving and the blog post) I will still continue to support you and Zac and Jeremy, Taylor, and Hayley. Please promise to keep this blog updated? We're hurt, but we still love you.

    Merry Christmas and good luck in the future.

  19. I love you guys but you are seriously victimizing yourself. At 17/18/19, you say you were clueless? You can't blame that on her management.
    And if you feel victimized from being in the dark, how would it feel to be the puppet of a manager and parents, as you say Hayley is?
    You sound bitter and immature. A lot of personal details could have been left out of this. You think we deserve the truth, but it's not fair to make other people come off as bitches because of this. You could have said that she was getting too much attention and that it wasn't what you wanted anymore instead of taking us on a trip down memory lane.

    Sorry this sounds bitter. But I'm just trying to put this into perspective. The fans don't need the nitty gritty of the band's personal life.

    Good luck for the future.
    ps. what's with all the fbr bands breaking up lately :$

  20. Hayley your dad sucks. big time.December 22, 2010 at 12:35 PM

    ill pull hayley's dad head off.

  21. Josh you seem so down, dont let what the haters are saying spoil your christmas, have wonderful time with your family and hope that 2011 is a hopeful new start for you :) take care

  22. way to lie about how you and hayley dating during riot. i hope you realize there are pictures of you two kissing from way before riot.

  23. Well, in this case, you've done the right thing, and I look forward to hearing more from whatever you choose to do in future, whether it be Tunnel or other projects ^^

  24. Oh and by the way, good on you for being so bold and up front about everything. Honesty might hurt but it gets rid of all the hearsay which just makes things worse.
    Now I think you should go out and leave the internet for a little while, find some peace and comfort :) read your bible :)
    much love

  25. I can't help but feel like the "family" i have loved and supported since back in AWKIF days, has been a big lie. I know it's not any of your faults. Paramore means much more to people than you realise.

  26. you did some thing that i can only think was very hard for you? it was not what i or many fans wanted to hear! i just want you to know it was the right thing to do,and i hold so much respect for you because of it! with out you and your lyrics i would have never been able to hold on long enough to find god. you are truly a fisher on men. I'm glad i have had the pleasure of meeting you twice it made me hold on and appreciate life that much more. i hope you never forget that you and your brother have just as many dedicated fans.don't let a few jerks get you down -Danyell knights

  27. My comment probably looks a lot more hostile than intended, don't get me wrong. I'm a die hard fan. And I respect you to no end Josh and I wish you the best in everything you do. It just seems that there is more bitterness going on than straight facts.

  28. I'm really sad to know it was true, because that kind of sucks.. I hate to say it, but I lost a little bit of respect for Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor reading it..

    I just wanted you to know Josh, and Zac, that you WILL be missed. I don't have a cluuue who will replace you, but I don't think they will ever manage to capture my heart the way you guys did! I love you guys so much, but I respect your decision. I know see that you had your reasons. You'll be missed, both of you.

    Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    Love from Norway. (Side note: you guys rocked the hove festival this summer!)

  29. josh, i know this may be the reasons for you to quit the band but dont u think its a bit too harsh to reveal everything like this? i mean dont you guys have like personal informations about yourself? this is too much for us, the fan to digest. yes, i know this is the truth. but im just saying. most people out there cannot look at hayley the same way they did before anymore. to them, hayley is like a selfish bitch. i have nothing against you but im just saying. i still love paramore and u n ur brother.
    all the best for the both of you, xo :)

  30. I know you said that everything always seemed to be all about Hayley, but I just want you to know that to Paramore fans, it was really all of you. That's why its so hard that yall have left, because its impossible to think of Paramore and not think of Josh and Zac. It utterly heartbreaking.

  31. It sucks that you left paramore, but I want to thank you for posting why and explaining. I could sit around and complain all day, but it's your life and you get to choose what you want to do. I think all the people complaining should just shut up and face reality

  32. We had hoped not to judge you wrong and to understand the reason for his departure. I'm glad to see that you are speaking out and taking a true''contact''with the fans. Many people think you're damaging the image of Hayley and I find it super boring. Anyway, hope you keep in touch with the fans that you got along this career that you built with Paramore.

  33. Hey baby, just letting you know that i never gonna quit lovng you, you always inspire me, i'll be praying for you, Jenna and Zac, i hope you have a happy life in everything you want.

    Always love you no matter what.

  34. Hi Josh, I respect your decision and thanks for clarifying everything.
    Thank you for the many memories and I am glad to have met you last year.
    Good luck with the future, and best wishes!
    Merry Christmas to you, Jenna and the rest of your family :)

  35. You could have left earlier if everything was so hard for you. Why those lies? Why seven years of pretending that everything is fine and you're all friends and stuff? Why lying to the people who supported you?
    I'm more than just disappointed.

  36. Honestly, im upset that both of you guys are leaving Paramore.. but I wish both you and Zac the best of luck for the future. I want you both to be happy and if leaving the band and perusing new futures is what makes you happy, then I'll stick by you and support your decision. Thank you for spending the past 6 years making music, I don't know what I would have doe without it. Although you may not have fully enjoyed your time in Paramore, you've affected my life in so many ways, through your music. Without it, I wouldn't be the same person that I am today. You're my hero and an inspiration. Thank you so much!

    I'll continue to support you in whatever you do and hope that., in due time, we will hear some more music from you. Thank you once again for all you've done for me, without even knowing.

    Love Anisa <3

  37. Always love you no matter what. s2

  38. Thank you Josh. It sucks but the truth had to come out. I wish you and Zac the best!

  39. why is everyone so negative???? Gosh guys, Josh has stated a valid reason as to why he is leaving! Forget the past and move on already. I'm really sick of seeing all these negative posts :/ paramore still have a whole year ahead of them for us to look forward to. The least we could do is support Josh and zac on whatever God calls them to do.
    Josh your wife is lovely. I'll be praying for you guys :)

    Oh, and Josh forget all the haters. Much love xoxo

    - Faith A

  40. You & Zac have Integrity... few do : )
    Walk with God and you'll never lose !
    We met 3 times this year and I'll tell you Josh your eyes and words said it all.
    We need a drummer and lead player Lol : )

  41. Josh:

    I know this whole thing isn't easy for everyone but atleast know we got to see it from your and zac's eyes. I know you all made the best decision for you in the end. I wish you nothing but happiness from here on out. You all deserve it.

  42. mad respect going out to you josh, it takes a lot of faith to follow God's will when it doesn't coincide with performing in a world-wide known group. it's very humbling.

  43. Paramore have been what have pulled me through the past 4 years, this is such a horrible way for it to be ending. Josh, even though your post is saying its always been about Hayley, she wore "paramore is a band" t-shirts, and i believe tried hard to treat the band as equals for a long time. obviously things have changed over the past year with your huge success but i think we all knew it was coming. Im really going to miss you guys, ive met you twice, once in 06 where you seemed truly happy, was nothing but friendly and welcoming, once in 08, where in a meet and greet you didn't even say one word to me. its been obvious you've been unhappy for quite some time so i wish you all the best and hope you guys an work it out. your friendships within the band have kind of been the magic of paramore for me and its devastating to see that shattered.

  44. So glad that we fans can finally get some explanations. :) Thank you Josh & Zac for the great music that you gave us. God bless you, and have a wonderful Christmas! I'm gonna miss you guys.

  45. I'm glad you chose to leave the band. It was the best decision for the both of you. Too many people don't do what's best simply because of the opposition that faces them.

    Seeing this situation makes it clear to me that there are still people willing to take the hard road for what they think is right.

    Thank you for that.

  46. Josh, haters just gonna hate. so just stop thinking about all those craps and just move on with your life. you and zac will do just fine. and paramore too. after all, paramore is still a band, yes? and as i remember, hayley once said,''you guys have been sucked and we're not letting you guys go'' so i guess paramore family is for life, aye? i hope u and the rest of the paramore members are still good friends.


  47. Hey Josh.
    I love you and I'll always support you, ok?
    I'm sure we're all gonna miss you.
    Thank you for everything.

  48. You really did just ride the wave until you had enough money or whatever. I don't care what you said, you WERE happy, or at least a VERY good liar. The bible also says that lying is wrong, it doesn't just work in your favor. It's also not okay for you to be all "judgified". Christians aren't supposed to be all "holier than thou" Matthew 7:1 "Do not judge, or you too will be judged." or Matthew 7.4 "How can you say to your brother, 'Let me take the speck out of your eye,' when all the time there is a plank in your own eye"

    Its obvious to me that you are lying, so all this "truth" crap isn't true. A true christian would have told the WHOLE truth, not some biased bullshit.

    Say what you want about hayley, but it sounds like she fought for you guys and tried to keep it together. Was she perfect? no... but neither were you. You obviously dated her so she couldn't have been that bad...

    But i guess everything is someone elses fault when it comes to you, or at least this statement.

    I resent any bit of money that you have received from my concert ticket or the albums I have purchased. Way to exploit the children.

    P.S. your music outside of paramore SUCKS.

    "Good luck" getting other skills for a real job or being really frugal.

    Good Riddance.

  49. I'm glad you posted this, now I know that full story things seem alot clearer. It's a little upsetting that Management kinda used you guys because they thought Hayley had the potential.

    I'm just glad you and Zac have left to do what you want, and I hope that whatever you end up doing will make you happy and you enjoy it. Best of Luck to you both :) xx

    -Joelle, UK.

  50. I wanted to believe Paramore was a band. I had myself pretty well fooled.

    Good luck with future projects. Zac should try out for VersaEmerge; they need a long-term drummer, and possibly a second guitarist.

  51. Josh, brazilian fans were waiting for you. Why didn't you wait for the end of the tour?

    All brazilians fans are sad, because we love you and we wanna see you here!

  52. I wish you the best.
    Thanks to tell us the truth.
    Love you.
    Laura :)

  53. I admire you guys even more,being from a country where having succes equals losing your dignity,you are an inspiration to me.Standing for what you believe in and not being afraid of facing the truth is amazing.Keep going,you are the real Paramore for us,the essence,bless you.

  54. I basically idolize Paramore. I look up to you and admire you. So when i found out that you n zac were leaving i was devastated. And after reading your blog i dont know what to think. It seems like Paramore was a big lie and all of u were just putting on a show for all of your fans. And after reading this (which has to be the most information given out about the inside deal with you guys i have ever read) i dont know what to think. You guys always put a smile on my face, wether while watching a video of you guys, singin along to your songs, or seeing pictures Paramore always brought my mood up. If everything that has been said not only by you but by the others is true then im terribly sad and feel for you, all of you. Because it sounds like the last 7 years has overall been a nightmare.

  55. Josh i know that all the fans will miss you a lot, but all the best for you and Zac! Love from Venezuela, i wish i could see you guys here in March 4th cuz' i've never seen you guys, but well... nothing much we could do!


  56. I love how deeply rooted you brothers are in God and the bible. Also the part where you quoted John 8:32 " . . and the truth shall set you free."
    All glory be to God. I pray for more blessings to the both of you Farro brothers in the future, though it's heartbreaking specially with Christmas just around the corner.
    Keep your faith and keep grounded in God and the bible, and just keep rocking.
    If God is for you guys, then who could be against you?
    I'll just keep praying for all you guys.
    ie. You, Zac, Taylor, Jeremy and Hayley.
    God bless, Merry Christmas and to God be all the glory.

  57. That awkward moment when everything you've ever believed in turns out to be a lie.

    I do believe you that Hayley gets all the attention from labels and management, I think she's kinda special and sticks out from other girl singers... but the way you said it seems like she's no good at all and she's just a selfish bitch and i doubt she is, at least I hope so.

    Thank you for telling us your point of view anyway and I wish you all the best with Jenna and hope to see you again playing at some point because you're a great musician Josh <3

  58. Oh, i know that this was true. No one would waste time doing this (or not).

    Anyway, makes too much sense for be a lie. Well, once again, you guys are my favorite, at Paramore and i wish you luck.

  59. I think some fans were mouthing off and Josh, what you did was wrong, and I loved you in paramore, will score a lot, man.

  60. no matter how angry you are now, you WERE happy. look at the paramore being crazy video. That was happiness, that video give me happiness every time i watch it. Although there may be bad feelings with you and Hayley now, you dated, so there couldnt have been all along. it just shows what a break up can do. unfortunately this time its broken up my favourite band :(

  61. it seems like you don't care at all..
    not about the band , the members, your fans..
    you whole statement is full of bitterness and you blame everyone around you.
    you're not a victim
    you decided to be in the band, you!
    why did you stay that long?
    you're a pretender, you pretended to like what you were doing, you pretended to be friends with people you seem to hate and now you pretend to care about 'the fans'...
    but, to me, this whole thing seems like an execution.. just a way to satisfy your nibbled ego and this is not right!

  62. I basically idolize Paramore. I look up to you and admire you. So when i found out that you n zac were leaving i was devastated. And after reading your blog i dont know what to think. It seems like Paramore was a big lie and all of u were just putting on a show for all of your fans. And after reading this (which has to be the most information given out about the inside deal with you guys i have ever read) i dont know what to think. You guys always put a smile on my face, wether while watching a video of you guys, singin along to your songs, or seeing pictures Paramore always brought my mood up. If everything that has been said not only by you but by the others is true then im terribly sad and feel for you, all of you. Because it sounds like the last 7 years has overall been a nightmare.
    Ps. I hope in the end you guys stay friends and work your issues out even if you guys dont return to paramore


  63. I know it wasn't easy coming out with your side of the story but I am happy that you did. People needed to hear it and even though some won't be willing to admit it, it happened and it wasn't fair to either of you to be strung along. I'm sorry you had to put up with so much for so long. You didn't owe us any explanation so I sincerely thank you for clearing the air. Thank you again for the music and the memories and I wish luck to everything.

  64. josh , i'll miss you a lot . you're my favourite among the others.. i saw you in youtube and totally fell in love with you (not like that kind of LOVE) i thought you were a model , but i found out that you were a guitarist .. well , anyways good luck on your future ! and may god bless you ! and if this will make you happy , i am 12 year old girl !

  65. "not much I can do *chuckle*"
    way to treat your fans, douche

  66. I hope you and Zac the best!
    It takes a lot of courage to post what really went on behind the scenes and I give you props for doing so.

  67. I just feel it was very spiteful i dont think you it was necessary to air "dirty laundry".. you could have done it in a nicer way and not make Hayley out to be sucha bitch! you could have gone about it better is all im saying! but good luck to you guys!

  68. Thankyou for telling us the truth Josh. When I read the 'announcement' on the website, the first thing I thought was - why haven't Josh and Zac written this?
    I am a massive fan of Paramore's music, I have the records and I have seen you guys 7 times. But there was always a feeling that the band were hiding something from the fans. This became even more apparent when the European tour dates were canceled and the truth came out about yours and Hayley's relationship, and the fact that hayley was the only one interacting with the fans via livejournal/tumblr etc. Obviously being a fan - it was utimately about the music, but it is nice to know the truth behind the rumours.
    If it is true that you and Hayley wrote the music together then I am very upset that you are leaving because you are a very talented musician and you made the band. However if it is not what you enjoy then you have made the right decision to leave. I went to 2 dates on your last UK tour and I must admit the spark wasnt there between the band that there once was. I noticed that you didnt look very happy on the tour in 09 either. So maybe it is for the best but you will be missed.
    I hope that above everything else, both you and zac end up happy in a career that you love to do. you are both very talented and Zac's awesome drumming should NOT go to waste! all the best for you and jenna for the future.

  69. I don't know why people are hating on these guys from telling it from their perspective. Don't tell me you wouldn't have taken all the bs they had to go through to get big. They just happened to realize that the reasons for leaving begin to stack up, and they are the wiser for it NOW. Don't be hypocrites. To Josh: This revelation has really made me disillusioned. I mean, I knew already that Hayley was almost signed to Atlantic, but it saddens me to know that part of Paramore's success is rooted in Atlantic's abuse of it's artists (especially those young and impressionable), in the attempt to make money off of Hayley's image, and that the formation and success of Paramore as unit was greedy label execs trying to "create" bands. Sorry for the essay, and I know you probably don't give a rat's a$$, but I still respect you as a musician, and as artist. Thanks for all those times in Paramore.

  70. i effing love you guys, i effing love paramore. this is just heartbreaking :( yes, this is the truth and i know i have to accept it no matter how. its just that this is so hard and i cried knowing about this. this is just so sudden and this is hard. i know this may be harder for you. but whatever it is, u guys are the best. all the best to you bros <3

  71. thank you so much for being honest to us! I'm so sad , I never imagined the things that you said !!!! it's like everything was a lie :'( but I still love Paramore and I support you and Zac

    PLEASE never leave us without your music , you and Zac are so talented!!!!

  72. Hey Josh? You guys don't have to explain nothing to us, okay? I must admit I am a little dissapointed in you guys staying in what seems to be a toxic situation for you both when you were so obviously unhappy (I'm not really surprised to hear you're both leaving, as I kind of got the vibe that you were unhappy), but that's neither here nor there.

    I myself am in no position to judge anyone for any wrong doings that occured, so I remain unbiased towards either side of the divide. Worldy pressures get to the best of us and any point in time.

    While I am sad to hear you're both leaving, I do wish you all the luck in the world and will be praying for your good fortune. Say "Hi" to your brother and your beautiful wife for me. :D

    May God be with you and help you to do something that is better for you both.

    Love, Meg.

  73. ^ i totally agree with the post above.
    Josh,let me ask you something. If you didn't like it in Paramore,why didn't you quit earlier and stayed for almost seven years? I refuse to think you stayed because you felt obligated. There is something that made you,Zac,Jeremy and Taylor stay,and sooner or later it will come out.

  74. Josh, thank you for your honesty.

    As a Christian, some of the lyrics bothered me as well, but I figured if you and Zac, who who I know are devout Christians were ok with them, then maybe I was missing something.. I guess I'm not.

    Anyhow, I hope this is not the last time we hear from you. You and your brother are so incredibly talented, and I'm looking forward to seeing where God takes you next.

    God bless and Merry Christmas!

  75. You make it seem like Hayley is the reason you were unhappy and that all the time you spent traveling the world, playing for millions of fans and meeting incredible people was all just a waste of your time. It's really disappointing that you painted your former band mates in such a bad light. I understand and respect your decision but still...why was it necessary to single out Hayley? It feels more like a revenge note than an informative one. Don't get me wrong. I've been supporting you guys since AWKIF and will continue to support good music. Although it would be nice to hear about the good times instead of the bad

  76. It's great to see an explanation from you Josh.

    I also totally agree with what you state regarding the lyrical in-put for the 3rd album. As a fan from the UK seeing you guys in London from right back at album one from playing such venues as astoria to brixton to ur recent tour at the o2, I can recognise this change. It really is not just you, you are not alone on this one. Im going to also hazard a guess that this input also had an effect on your music that I know you guys for. The first 2 albums were great fun with upbeat rock songs that I really loved and would always put you in a great mood. It's what I loved the band for and I think what is lacking in your latest album, despite the success.

    Also I disagree with a lot of what people are saying here, sure paramore is a big part of people's live but what I saw live a few years back was definately you guys having a good time performing to all us fans and was not fake.

    Anyway, I wish you the best of luck for your future whatever you decide to do and don't worry the majority hardcore Paramore fans will respect your decision, whether or not they agree with it or not.

    From England, Tom

  77. Thank you for telling us the reasons why you left. I know many wondered why this happened, especially quite suddenly.

    I have realised that Hayley did receive more attention than the rest of the Paramore members which wasn't (isn't) fair.

    Thank you for enlightening us on the reasons for your and Zac's departure.

    Good Luck for the future and may God bless you.

    I will miss you! <3

  78. after reading the statement i understand now. its obviously bad news josh and zac left and shocking the way hayley has been. how could anyone stay in that situation!

    good luck josh and zac in all u do in the future

  79. Joshh.. dude.. really.. good luck. God bless. Oh also to zac. And just so you know, ppl think you tried to make hayley look like a bitch. But I know/hope you don't. Guess they never learned how to read. Ok well .. Bye x

  80. sure. Its "the truth"

  81. Ok everyone. I think it's time for everyone to stop all the hating, and just move on. It's pretty obvios that this is the real Josh posting these, and also that he and Zac were unhappy, so let them all be. Everyone needs to move on and stop passing judgement for their decision. Respect that they want to leave and do other things, let them be happy, and stop with all the negative posts directed to Jenna. She didn't do anything wrong, and I highly doubt she influenced their decision.
    Best of luck to all of you Josh.

    Love Nat

  82. reading your and hayleys old xangas you seemed pretty darn happy and in love to me, but in your statement you make it seem like you've been unhappy since day one. why would you date her for so long if she's so terrible? =[

    if you didn't like the way her manager and label were why didnt you leave way back then and just let hayley be a solo artist? if it was all about the love for music?

  83. Paramore will never e the same without you, you are a great writer and I wish you all the best. I respect how you have managed to stay true to your faith in such a hard situation. I am not religous but I admire your determination to stay true.
    Good Luck. I will miss you guys but I seen your last ever UK show in Aberdeen :D

  84. Good luck with everything Josh. Try to ignore the people that seem crushed, I'm sure you realise most of them are young, so hopefully you aren't feeling too guilty about the girls you've upset with your statement. Respect to you for saying it how it is, it's not often you get honesty like that.

  85. One question. In reading this, it makes you seem like you absolutely hate Hayley. Is this true? And if not, why would you use such harsh words towards her? I'm just really confused, and I know I'm not the only one who is.

  86. Thank You Josh,
    I must say I didn't expect you to speak out so bluntly about this subject but your honesty about everything that happened in the band is something that had to eventually be said and i'm glad you were honest enoough to express to your fans.
    Although I may never be able to get your autograph or meet with you at a meet & greet just know that many of us are still here to support you.
    If you ever start a new project make sure to let us know ASAP

  87. I really am not sure if my last comment sent, but however... I basically wanted to say I think it is unfair you are receiving abuse here when you released your statement with the aim of clarifying the situation for fans, it's not particularly fair.
    Also, I want to say Paramore were a pretty big deal for a while when I was younger, and when I say Paramore, I don't just mean Hayley, but you and your brother and other members all played important roles and you shouldn't feel like you didn't contribute to the band despite the obviously many problems that happened throughout the last seven years.
    I wish you the best in the future.

  88. Josh- i just want to say good luck for the future to you and zac. Its sad to see you go but I'm glad everyone knows the truth about it. God works in weird ways but if its what he wills then who is to go against him?
    I know you might not see this but I do hope you do have the time to read it. I will miss you and zac very much but I am sure this will not be the last time we will hear from you guys. God gave you two a talent and I am sure you'll use it.

    God bless and have a very merry christmas and letshope 2011 brings great things to each and everyone of us.


  89. I'm still shocked! really..
    I don't even know what to say right now.
    I don't know how am I gonna react to Paramore's new songs after this coz you're the heart of paramore. you wrote and composed most of the songs. anyway, i respect your decision of leaving the band and best of luck to both of u, josh n zac :) gonna miss u guys alot!! i really hope u keep updating so that we, your fans would know what u guys are up to..:)

    lotsa n lotsa love,
    mia.azlin :) xoxo

  90. i REALLY hope you reply to this..

    the most dissapointing thing for me is that after seven years of supporting you guys, us fans didn't even get a simple "thank you". will you even miss us? i know you think hayley was the center of attention but to me you've always been my favorite, at the concerts i'd look at you i didnt even care about her. the fact that i've been supporting you and zac for years and you seem like you could care less about us, thats the saddest thing ever.

  91. At fist I hope you can read this
    I think the hardest part is to accept what you've told on the last post, because even the biggest fan wouldn't know how it was on the backstage life of you guys, but, I believe everything you said, people only see Hayley, they think Hayley is the whole band, when it obviously isn't, so I just hope you get better, I know you're sick, and I also wanto to apologize for all the posers and haters and non fans that are saying bad things about Jenna.
    I hope you and Zac have a brilliant future outside Paramore

  92. nevertheless, paramore won't be the same without u guys.

  93. Josh, totally behind you man. Massive fan of paramore for all of its members and been to see you guys every time you've ever played in the UK.

    You've done nothing wrong by exposing the lies of paramore and the backlash you're receiving is, in my opinion, awful.

    Hit me up on facebook?

  94. Josh I just want you to know I fucking love you and I wish you everything good! I hope we`ll se you again somewhere in this big world. You left paramore, but don`t leave us Please! Let us know how are you doing.

    I love you so much! Support you and wish you everything good, health and happiness. You were my inspiration and still will be! Good luck in everything and really sorry for my English! xD

    ^^ Virginia ^^

  95. Wow some serious fan overreactions up in here, good luck with your future Josh, I'll be sure to support whatever you and/ or Zach do in the future.

  96. Josh I would really appreciate it if you would reply to this comment. I have been a fan of Paramore since I first found out about you in 2007, Paramore have always been my favourite band and they ALWAYS will be, despite the fact that you and Zac have left, heart-breaking as it is. I have seen you live 4 times ( I am English). I went to both your o2 arena dates, Reading Festival and Brighton Centre, and it is very upsetting to know that it wasn't what you and Zac wanted.

    Honesty is needed here, and I have to say I find this extremely negative and points the blame completely at Hayley and no-one else. To be honest, seeing as she Taylor, and Jeremy have stuck by the fans, why would you post such a nasty statement? You can say it's the truth but when push comes to shove, SHE is still there and you two aren't. I am not saying I hate either of you so do not get me wrong. But this 'statement' was more like a life-story of the shit times and nothing else and 'let's pick on Hayley' time. I could go on for hours about how I feel but I don't think you would really care.


  97. Thanks for posting all of this. While the whole situation is sad to most fans, your decision is completely understandable and the whole story makes a lot of sense. Ignore the haters. A lot of people are just freaking out because this is coming out all at once. I think a lot of people are also just afraid that this means you'll fall of the face of the earth. Hopefully, that won't be the case. Your music is an inspiration to many. It would be awesome if you could keep this blog running or even make a tumblr or something just to update us fans on how your life is going. Never stop making music and good luck in the future.

  98. I understand u guys, but if the situation was unbearable for u, why did u continue playing and writing for so long? U've build a castle,u've build a passion who was entirely fake. I believed in ur music as something spontaneous, please tell me it's not all so forced. :(
    Kisses from Italy,
    Good luck, Elisa.

  99. He didn't say anything bad about hayley herself, but aknowledged the afct that, like so many other tallented people out there, hayley was pushed and pressured by people older and more "knowldgeable" than herself. They were all young and I doubt any of them really knew what was going on.

    The world is a hard lace and there are many people out there that will do dispicable things like force young people do things they may not be ready for.

    Like my mum says, big record companies are heartless corparations that care for nothing more than to make money and will go to great lengths to keep their artists in line. And sometimes parents can loose track of the important things, or people out side of their own children.

    I of course could be compleatly wrong about this, I in no way speak for Josh and/or Zac.

  100. Julian Assange approves this blog posts.

    And children, one last bit of information:


  101. Josh, are you serious? How can you just write such post? I think this is not the place where you have to tell us that thing.

    Why can't both of you guys just leave the band without saying all that ...

    Whatever, you will be (for me) part of paramore forever.

    I WRITE YOU SOMETHING ON MY BLOG, if you wanna read it ... it's in spanish, but who knows, i think you will understand what i wanna say. please read it .. i would like you to know what you think.

  102. Josh, because dated the Hayley if she was so? Because compos musica with she was so? Because it took 6 years to talk about this? Josh, this history this evil told you disappoint me much, you seemed so happy together to Paramore, you let the fans happy, the fans loved thee still love you and Josh, I want you to know that never was only Hayley the limelight for fans, we loved this formation, agent loved every one of you also.Fans love JosHayleys although you're married, we fariamos everything for it back, we fariamos everything for you and zac back to the band

  103. Josh :)
    Just wanted to say good luck for the future!
    Please keep us updated on how you and Zac are doing, if it's not too much to ask. We're all going to miss you!
    I hope you got my letter & gift last month at the Birmingham M&G (UK).


  104. I feel so lied to. I don't want to accept that this is true, but deep down inside I know it is. And now, when I look back on the day I first seen you guys live, or the time I spent an entire afternoon creating a "Paramore Shrine" on my wall, or last Christmas when I got 3 Paramore band tees, a hoody and other merch, I ask myself "why did i obsess so much over a band based on lies?" I am quite angry at Hayley, because no matter what anyone says, something out of this statement must be true. But i'm also angry at you too, Josh. You thrashed Hayley so much in that statement, and she was supposed to be your friend?
    But whatever, all I know now is that tonight, a Paramore fan in Ireland will be going to bed in tears, all thanks to Josh + Zac Farro, and Hayley Williams.

  105. pretty sure this isnt completely accurate. what the hell are you trying to accomplish by painting your former bandmates in a very bad light???? now everyone who believes your crap is going to hate hayley and jeremy. you have no class. why did you waste almost a decade of your life with them if they were such horrendous people. and whyd you date her too.... she can't be that much of a selfish bitch.. i always loved you and thought you were a great guy but now i dislike you immensely. you're not a true paramore member if you slander all the current members. you're ruined now. and you ruined the band for all the fans, who now think their favorite band has been a lie from the beginning. thank you so much. i really hope you read this and reply to this. but wait youre too scared to i bet. and really.. blaming hayley for releasing a statement? she can do whatever the heck she wants to do on the website, and you have no say in that since youre not part of the band. im glad you left youre just a liar and all this "statement" is is a bunch of bitter, angry, stupid rants against hayley. sorry your plan didnt work. i still love paramore (without you) and especially hayley. its not her fault if she's talented and producers show interest in her. youre a joke lolz hav a nice lyfe!

  106. you guys have been such a big part of my life, and i feel like it was all a lie or something. i don't know. thank you for releasing your statement though.

  107. couldn't you have done it in a different manner?

    you know a lot of these kids don't understand how the music industry put it all out there and either confused the crap out of people, made people dislike hayley, or you.

    as much as it may be your truth, you didn't have to show all your dirty laundry, although i'm sure it made you feel better.

    did it?

    take care.

  108. I hope you read this Josh because I'll be very honest with you. And if you let me,you weren't.
    If what you have said in your last post is absolutely true, then I lose my faith in humanity,period. I never doubted any of you. I never doubted your honesty,your friendship,anything. I met you, I listened to your music and little by little you became a part of my life, I considered Paramore my very good friends.
    Now from what you say it was all a bunch of lies? I believed a lie. I have no force to repeat over and over how disappointed I am,how sad and just..feeling very down right now in this very moment.
    I don't hate you Josh, I don't hate your brother. I even felt okay with your decision to leave the band if you didn't feel happy. I was sad at first,but I tried to understand. But now,now I see all this hate inside this band I love and always defended it like crazy. I thought you were special.
    I'm sending positive thoughts to and all your family, but also to Hayley who must feel awful right now... Why is everyone acting like Hayley has disappeared by the way? You made her look like such a bad person and I simply cannot believe that,sorry Josh. I try to understand you but I can't.
    Why did you keep your mouth shut for so long if it was true...? Oh Josh, i wish this was a nightmare.
    Sorry Josh, so incredibly sorry.

  109. i respect josh and zac for doing this and letting everyone know why they left. in the long run i think fans would have resented them more for not saying anything, in my eyes they aren't blaming hayley but blaming the situation for why they've left. it's sad and no paramore will never be the same but man i still love both of them no matter what, they're cool people and musicians. hayley however i just don't think i could look at her in the same way knowing this now. there are worse things that could have caused them to leave, all of them are healthy and ALL of them are happy now, which is the most important thing

  110. There is absolutely no reason to be rude to him. He did as a lot of you guys asked, gave you the reasons why they left. He told the truth, he made sure it was known that the blog was real. What more do you people want?

    Give the man a break, really. He and his brother are doing what's best for them and their family, there is nothing wrong with that.

    God bless you both. Thank you for taking the time to write this to all your fans!

  111. p.s. in your video you're pretty damn arrogant. i really am glad you left paramore needs only artists dedicated to he band and music, not to themselves and having the last word. you really disappointed me. i have a poster of you on my wall that i took myself and edited.. i feel like burning it now

  112. hey just like to say it sucks u and zac left the band saw the band in aberdeen on the 3rd of november best gig ever how come u and zac stay this long if it was not making yous happy its a shame that it has happened the way it has but i hope u and zac keep making music and whole thing will fix its self out over time have a good xmas and new year u and zac


    All you Paramore fans are ridiculous.

  114. Gonna miss you in the band.
    but still hope you'll find luck elsewhere.

  115. Hey JOSH.
    I love you and I'll always support you. You and ZAC are really awesome. I hope, you continue that blog! Cause the real fan need some news of you guys. I hope Jenna don't read her comments cause they're almost Bad! I can't understand the global reaction! but i'm sur of one thing, I'll support you.

    Have a nice day :).

    Camille from France

  116. I don't understand why people are dissing/hating you. People asked why you guys left & you gave them an answer. An HONEST answer. Yea, it may come off as "brutal" or whatever but deal with it. Obviously no one else was gonna admit these things & I'm glad you did.

    I don't think you've blamed anyone. I mean, what good is an explanation if all you're gonna put is: "We left because we wanted to"? The truth is out there. People are pissed because they don't want to believe that what they thought was the world's most perfect band isn't perfect at all.

    Some people feel betrayed, but isn't it better to know the truth than to claim the brothers are douche-bags who were only in it for the money? We aren't/weren't in their situation. We are not Zac & Josh. The best we can do is accept it & move on.

    I wish both of you the best. Just because you left the band doesn't make either of you less or more of anything. I will support you still. :)

  117. This is Josh and Zac decision. You have to respect it, all of you were NOT in this band.
    I'm not going to blame anyone. Paramore made 3 greats records. Now Josh and Zac are leaving ? That is sad but they knew what they were doing...I'm sure they'll keep making great music and that is the most important.

    Cheers from France

  118. How can you be arrogant in a 26 second video????
    C'mon, we don't know what's really gone on, so we're in no position to judge or pick 'sides'.

    Josh, ignore the haters, you're still an awesome musician, and nothing can change that.

    Hope you're happy in the future xx

  119. It's hard and confusing to judge about this, so I'm not going to
    Good luck in all you do in the future,
    may all your wishes come true after all!

  120. thank you for telling us what's going on. Suddenly everything makes sense, and i finally understand why you and your brother constantly looked so unhappy. Everything you said about Hayley makes complete sense and I find my love for her dying. I saw you guys in raleigh for the honda civic tour and there was one point where you started playing little snippets of the other band's music just off the top of your head, and it was really impressive. You're guitar skills are serious, and Paramore will never sound the same without your unique guitar skills. I SUPPORT YOU. I wish you a happy life filled with babies!

  121. Hey Josh, thanks for your honesty. I am sad, but not so much because you left Paramore, what makes me sadder is knowing how things were between you guys. I wish none of those things had happened. I wish Hayley appreciated each of you more and didn't think she was the star, because all of you are/were equally important.
    Still, I'm kinda glad you're leaving because it's true, some lyrics kinda go against what you, as Christians, believe. It would be awesome to see you singing Christian music, I promise I'll listen to you guys :)
    God bless and happy holidays!

  122. it hurts seeing our fave band breaking up especially when there's so much anger. josh you know we will navar stop loving you and supporting but we will naver stop supporting the band either.
    i hope you're gonna keep posting stuff here cause we really like hearing from you. wish you the best.
    love & peace

  123. Thank YOU Josh, for everything. Thanks for the best 3 years of my whole life.
    I just wanted to let you know that i will always support no matter what! I don't care what people think of you now. All the people who "hates" you now, never were your true fans! but i am! and i still love you! For me, Paramore is still YOU, Zac, Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor. That never gonna change.
    Thanks for bring happiness to my life. I don't know what had become of me without you guys!
    I hope you have a good life with your lovely wife! Good luck in the future guys :) Don't miss! Although you aren't in Paramore anymore, we want to hear from you!!


    Love, A very proud fan from Colombia :')

    Ps, I cried writing this :(

  124. Oh well i am indeed confused about how to take this, however i look up to you guys. You are great musicians. I am not confused about the fact that i wish you the best of luck, and the truth will set you free. (not that youll read this probably but) thank you :)

  125. Good luck Josh!

    Wish you'd have done this sooner though.
    Hope to see you and Zac more in the future.
    We'll miss you.

  126. Look at some of you. Just because you like a band, they are your favourite, etc etc, doesn't mean you know anything that's going on here. Josh gave you their side of the story. Who are you to give your input on it? If you were a true fan, you'd realise that shit goes down that you don't even know about, and it's really none of your business, but theirs. Be lucky he even shared his side of the story.

    And, it's rather obvious Haley is in the spotlight. I'm not a diehard fan of Paramore, specifically because I never got the sense it was a true band, just Haley. That's how she's always portrayed. Obviously, that's going to take its toll on other members the longer it happens. I'm sure him and Zac had their own reasons for sticking around as long as they did, but who the fuck are all of you to judge?

    I'm sure the two of them will go on to do wondrous things in the future, and will actually get noticed for their talents, and not constantly be overshadowed by Haley.

    Let them make their own decisions, and shut the bloody hell up about it.

  127. I'm gonna miss you both. I know that a lot of people were like "this is Hayley and Paramore", jus everything around Hayley and that's not fair. Anyway, my "favourite" member of the band has always been Josh (I mean, you, I don't know if you will read this). I see some people like "Well, Hayley is not what we thought, see is bad" or like "Josh is the bad one, he shouldn't have wroten that". There's not bad ones. I don't know the whole story, I never will, because I didn't live that, so I can't blame any of them. I understand everything you wrote, but I think I understand Hayley too. I will always support Paramore, and you and Zac, but it's shit that I will never see you in a concert...

  128. hey josh,
    i just wanted to say that as much as you felt left out, the paramore fans always know you and zac were a big part of the band, and no true fan only saw it as hayley because you guys did so much and were so important. i hope you know that no matter how anyone else made you feel that all the true paramore fans saw you and zac as meaningful members of the band.
    merry christmas,



  130. I was gutted when you guys left and we were all (my friends) saying you two looked disconnected from the bad for some time now. I really appreicate this statement and THANK YOU for finaly letting us know the truth about how things were throughout the years. This post has defently changed my view of paramore even though it might not have been your intention I cant help but feel betrade slighty as a fan since the days of AWKIF.
    Well all the best Farro brothers, God has great plans for your lives
    God Bless!

  131. Josh (and Zac),
    I support you guys 100% in your decision to leave. I mean really, all the fans that are bashing you guys is rediculous. How would you like to be touring for about 2 years playing music that you don't agree with, or that was bashing the heck out of you? I would have left THE SECOND she presented those lyrics. I don't think Paramore will last as a sucessful band much longer, after loosing two VERY important members. I support Hayley, Taylor, and Jeremy as well. Obviously, Hayley lied to us about the reason Josh and Zac left to save herself though, which is very wrong. She should have been up front with us from the begining.

    I don't understand why everyones getting mad at Josh for telling the truth. He simply told you something that you wanted. For years people have been itching to know what happens behind closed doors with this band. And when you get it, you through a hissy fit because it's not what you want.

    I hope you two guys continue on with your musical carrer and go far.

  132. ok josh neither of u guys need hayley to make the beutiful music that ur making so go out in life and make music it is wht u were ment to do, not chase hayley around like a little puppy dog doing ecery thing that she tells u to do u r so much better than she makes u seem
    so do what u want ur a free man now

  133. To be honest, all this doesn't surprise me. Some of the interviews I read seemed to suggest (to me at least) that not all was well.

    Josh, thanks for taking the time to post your side of the story and for proving that it really is you. I'm certain God has a plan for you and Zac, and whatever it is, it will be awesome.

  134. MERCI JOSH for telling us the truth.

    I feel devastated but that's life.
    I can't wait to see you back with your new band & with a real music you play with your heart.

    If you come back to Paris, France, some day, i'll be there to support you!

    GROS BISOUS de Paris. x


  135. Thank you for posting this video Josh, I wish you, Jenna and Zac all the happiness and luck in the world, May God lead you all to where your heart may lay (: x

  136. Josh, thanks for the letter, the truth was very confused about why you and Zac had left the band. But I do not understand is that if a long time did not feel comfortable being there because they had not gone before?, in my opinion Paramore lately it made it look like Hayley and company, and not Hayley, Josh, Zac, Jeremy and Taylor. Paramore will always be my favorite band and I would have liked to see the five in Argentina u__u, but this is something that usually happens in bands. I wish the best of luck to you and Zac, n____n,
    Sorry if my English is very bad u.u

  137. What are you without Paramore?
    What a shame, but best of luck to you both.


  138. Josh,
    I appreciate that you finally told the truth. Even though I wish it was a different way, you all deserve to be happy.I'm sure this was a hard decision to make and hard to share with all of us; and again I appreciate it. Don't let these negative comments get you down, as long as you guys are doing what you think is right and what makes you happy.

    Hope to hear more from you two soon and the best of luck to both of you.

  139. i really appreciate the explanation. thanks Josh(and Zac?). i wish you all well in the future, and please remember that we support you, no matter what.

    YOU GUYS are two of the people who saved my life, and i won't ever forget that. <3

    good luck in the future. keep your chin up, and don't let anything break you.

    i will miss you.


  140. honestly u guys are jealous that hayley williams is getting more attention then u guys. The Bible says Ephesians 4:29 – “Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen.” So instead of "telling the truth" shut your mouth and just leave you just tainted your image talking bad about Hayley, her family, and the people that helped you have money in your pocket.I hope that before you guys join another band or "start" another you grow up

  141. i just dont know how to feel about this, i feel like alot of what was going on in the reason you guys left was not coming from inside the band, but outside. know what i mean? all the stuff with agents and contracts and interviewers not paying attention to you. i dont know how you could feel left out by the fans because at the two paramore concerts ive been to and i was like right in front of you and everyone around me(including me) were yelling things like "i love josh" and other nerdy stuff like that. but im not you and am only seeing this from the outside so i guess i dont really know.
    but also i kinda feel like you could have done or said more, Hayley put herself out ther with thing like twitter and i know if you got a twitter or blog there would be tons of people checking that out.
    also i kinda feel like you lied to me, when you took time off to plan your wedding you wrote a note that said "I know it's strange having someone "fill in" for me. I dont like it anymore than you guys do,". and in THE MAKING OF BRAND NEW EYES you did say that the record did bring you closer together, did you just lie to everyone for years? if so i feel sorry for you cus that must have sucked, but i also feel like i would have done something or quit if things were as bad as you say they were, esspecially for so long.
    any way thats just how i feel, i was kinda venting, for a while, sorry.
    good luck in the future.

  142. Everyone needs to stop this. Josh is right, we asked for the explanation and we got it and now suddenly everyone is being rude and trashing Josh and Zac. You guys still need to respect them and their decisions.
    Josh and Zac please ignore these people. I still love you guys and support you the whole way. God Bless you guys for the future. :)

  143. Wow! I'm glad you're setting everyone free.
    Screw the haters! People are right, don't let it ruin the Christmas season! I know there are a lot of things in store for you and Zac.

    And yes, true Paramore fans would always see the truth. If you're happy or not. If something's going on or not.

    And I do believe that a true Paramore fan doesn't hate either one of you or the remaining Paramore members. True fans knows it's not just about Hayley cause a true Paramore fan loves each and everyone of you. And true Paramore fans are what matter.They are the ones who truly believed.

    Keep the faith! I pray to God to give both of you strength to fulfill what both of you are destined to.

    Stay happy! You deserve to be.


  144. Thanks Josh and Zac for all that you've given Paramore fans over the years. You will be missed. All the best with your future endeavours!

  145. Josh,
    I'm really sad to hear about how things happened and why things happened, but it's nice to get some clarification. I really respect you and your brother; you're both such incredible musicians. I wish you the best with whatever it is you decide to do in the future.

  146. Hi Josh ^.^

    I was very sad when I found out that you and Zac left paramore because I never had a chance to go to a concert of yours but I hope that you continue to make good music and maybe one day you can come to Portugal where you have a lot of fans that adore and admire you :)

  147. Josh, as you can understand our emotions about all this are a little bit complicated...!!
    Mine are too!! I mean I really support you in everything that you have done and everything you're gonna do!!! And I do know that WE asked to tell us why you and Zac left Paramore and I am really glad that you did 'cause we understood some things!!You propably won't gonna read my comment but I just wanted to say that I felt terrible when I first read the announcement.. and to be honest with you I cried!!
    And after your post I felt more awful and I cried again 'cause even though everything seemed to be good between you... the truth was that you were falling apart again...and in a harder way than you did before...
    I am happy with your decision to leave Paramore because I know that it would be good for you, for Zac and of course Hayley, Jeremy and Taylor!! i wish you the best in everything you're gonna do!! I still support you and I will always will!!
    Take care!! Love you!!
    - Vanna, Greece.

  148. :( Sorry but this post is unfair and just wrong. There are better ways of releasing statements.

    No class.

  149. I don't know if you'll read this. But I pray to God you do.

    I'm sorry that everything turned out the way it did. You're a great guy, and so is your brother. Unlike most of the other "Paramore fans", I loved each member individually. When I heard that you guys left the band, it really did kill me inside. Without you and your brother's awesome skills... I'm not sure how the band will turn out. Don't get me wrong, I'll always support Paramore - but you two leaving is really major.

    When I listen to the music, I'm always day dreaming that I'm you, playing the guitar.. but at the same time, singing the songs like Hayley. But then when the drum "solo's" come up, I run to the drums! Wow you wouldn't wanna see how I act when I'm driving and I have Paramore's music on full blast! (I have a whole Paramore list - don't judge, it keeps me happy).

    Anyways I'm not getting to the point.
    I really wish you guys had come down to South Africa though. I never had the chance to even watch the band play. I made a group on facebook to try and get enough people to join and get you guys here! "".

    May God bless you on your journey. Hope your dreams are reached. Hope you're spending time with the family now. Best wishes to you and your wife :)

    Have a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year!

    Thank you for your statement, I'm glad we had the chance to ready your and Zac's view point!

    (PS: Come to SA and we can start a band instead! :P I'll be your driver if I had to! *giggles*)

  150. I know that for the fans it's a disappointment, but reading your exit statement it's reasonable why you are leaving the band, and i support that in what you get yourselves into, it wasn't a band, was some other thing, except a band, and you did what you had to do. Good luck with any project that you will do in the future. Greetings from Caracas, Venezuela

  151. Josh i'm really proud of you. it takes GUTS to tell that kind of TRUTH. I must say that i'm from Canada and i supported that band from Day 1 but i always felt that something was wrong with this band, taht it wass all about hayley. when Riot! came out, i knew something had changed within the band. it's like that ''photo scandal'' that came out on Hayley's twitter, i always thought that it was like a ''publicity'' made intentionnaly, maybe i'm wrong but that's the way i see it. I wish you the greatest of luck i know what it's like, i played in a lot of bands, the last one i got kicked out for an ''image'' problem (my weight is 180 lbs. instead of 125) and now the band is on the home page of Simple Plan's website.

    Good luck


  152. Well said. Though there are dramas out here, i'm still looking forward for your music because you and Zac are such talented musicians! Hope it will be soon! God bless! :)

  153. Oh please keep on updating us with whats going on with you and zac??

  154. Are you going to be bothered if they play the songs you wrote on their tours and things and are you still friends with Taylor?

  155. Hayley has more talent in her little finger than u do in ur whole body.

    She made Paramore + I would be no where without her!!!

    Thanks for all the lies while you got my money for it.

  156. Josh,

    I write this in the vain hope that you will read this, but I just want to say how much I respect you right now. I myself am in a garage band at the moment, writing our own songs, and I can't tell you what it would mean to me to get a record deal and to travel the world. To let go of something that so many people strive for takes a special kind of courage...

    I think your honesty is being grossly underappreciated. It seems all too clear to me how so much of the world is ruled by popular convention and corporate giants - a place where honesty is frankly in short supply. I hope you and you brother go on to live your own dreams; you most certainly deserve it.

    Finally, to my mind you were not scathing about those who you talked about in your post. You were open, and that's a long way removed from petty backstabbing to my mind. It is my hope that all who share a passion for Paramore's music will be mature enough to see that this is simply the way of the world. This stuff happens. I for one will not be proud enough to bear grudges (besides, they're not mine to bear in the first place) and will go on giving all my full support and respect. I'm aware that Hayley celebrates her birthday on the 27th, and I fully intend to wish her a good one :) I don't think you can be too critical on blaming someone who feels that they have a gift to share with the world - it's the people who crush those with passion for money's sake that I take issue with.

    Resentment is not something to be borne, so let's all of us just let it go eh?

    All the best, to everyone, and especially all in Paramore, past and present.


  157. Todo lo bueno algún día tiene que acabar... Paramore ha sido un gran banda de Rock, pero ya no es lo que era. Canciones como my heart, emergency ya no existe en Brnad new eyes. Es una buena elección. Mucha suerte Zack and Josh!

  158. Josh,

    Thank you for being honest with us all.
    After what I just read, I do not blame you(or your brother) for leaving the band. To be pushed around and told what to do for 7 years must've been hard. Granted I'm sure you would've had many great times as well.

    At first I was a little shocked to read what you posted, but then it all made sense.
    I had the opportunity to meet you guys back in '07 when you came to Sydney for your first Australian tour. It was a Myspace meet & greet on Sydney Harbour(not expecting you to remember lol) and I noticed, whilst Hayley was being swamped by fans, that Yourself, Zack & Taylor were sitting in a corner looking a tad uncomfortable. I felt bad for you guys, so I went straight past Hayley & started chatting with you guys. I remember you commenting on the out of print Paramore tshirt I had & that is was nice of me to come say hi and get an autograph, which I thought was odd, because you guys are in the band too so why wouldnt I want an autograph.
    But now it all makes sense, Hayley was "meant" to be in the spotlight and you guys were pushed off to the side.

    I will never forget the day I met you guys, it was one of the best days of my life. I'll also never forget how you tried to steal my bag after the Jet Boat Cruise we had for the meet and greet. It was put in the same storage locker as your things, so I grab your shoes and threatened to sell them on ebay. The look of shock on your face was priceless. lol

    Im sure you probably wont end up reading this, but I thought I'd post something anyway. It saddens me, that Yourself and Zack have left the band, but you had good reason for doing so.

    Yourself and Zack are both amazing musicians and I wish you both nothing but happiness for whatever you do.

    -Misty, Australia

  159. This is awful. I had no idea what was going on until a friend sent me the link for this. I saw the other one put up on the site. It's such a mess. I feel really bad for you all right now. It's obvious there's some real issues going on right now, with you all fighting, or so it seems. But, if you believe this is what God wants you to do, then do it. There's no point staying in something that's only going to make you miserable. I guess the rest of us are just going to have to realise we can't expect you to stay there, because we all know that if it was us in your shoes, we wouldn't.
    I hope you all stay friends though, and can work through all this, even if you don't stay together as a band, you don't want to loose your friends.
    Love Michelle

  160. thank you for finally teling the truth completely and letting us know what was really going on. i love you guys and will support you no matter what. i want to wish you both the best of luck.
    and remember that there's nothing that God doesn't put you through that you can't handle.God bless you two. i love you.

  161. Hey Josh and Zac
    I just wanted to let you guys know that I fully support you,Its a brave thing to do what you've done,knowing full well that the media would probably side with Hayley and make you seem like the "bad guys"
    thank you for telling the truth and showing everyone that the music business is not the fairytale everyone thinks it is.
    i wish you the best of luck,I will always be a fan of Paramore,you guys made some fantastic music.
    all the best

  162. here ''thanks fr th lies.'' or whatever your called . SHUT UP . i am well was a die hard hayley willams fan and even i can see where josh is coming from ! .. if you wasted your time being a fan like you say you are you would have read not only this blog but magazine articles about paramore then you would know that hayley did not "make paramore" or nothing like it ! leave josh alone because at least he was able to come about this and tell us the truth you dick !

    josh : thanks for being outstraight with us , took a lot of guts to id say . hope you and zak dont let your AMAZING talents go to waste

    best of luck

  163. Its refreshing to hear the truth guys :) Good luck in the future hope all goes well!

  164. Josh and Zac, you are both still my heroes whatever happened. I just want you to know that I, and I'm sure many others, will support you both in whatever you do.

    This is why I hate the music industry. They make good honest people, and twist them so that their music will 'sell'. I was perfectly happy with the idea that you guys were friends and enjoyed making music together. But whatever happens, you and Zac are both beautiful people.
    Love Charlotte

  165. I feel ya bro! I know we all wanted the truth but the way you put it seems a bit harsh! Obviously at some point you liked the band members, and now you are getting a bit defensive! I understand why you and Zac left! But I feel like your saying the only reason we love y'all is because of hayley! I love all of y'all! You guys need to work this out not just with hayley but with the rest of the band. I'm not saying rejoin cuz I know you don't want that. I think that you have a lot of hate that is being pilling up for years man! Just relax, we will always love PARAMORE! Not just hayley and not just you guys! I hope that whatever your gonna do makes you happy! It's Christmas time after all! Be merry and whatnot! Hope you work it out, seriously, cuz hate makes ya age faster! ;) lol

    Peace kiddo! -jan

  166. Ow come on!

    I know that paramore fandom it's crazy right now, and sad, and frustrated... But you guys have no right to come here or another site and push these two donw, please!

    I'm tired of read bad things about zac and josh...they had their reason!
    Of course its sad...I'm sad, really...I realized that I will never get the chance to see them all as a band, but I just have to respect...

    They are human beings, not objects! They have feelings and problems like everybody else... So stop thinking only about you fans and realize what is around you...

    Ok, I don't know what more to say...
    I'll miss you Josh and Zac, but I wish you all the luck in the world.

    Sorry for make this statment here in your blog...


  167. Know that there are a lot of people who are standing behind you two 100%. :) You guys were not in a happy place, so you had to do what you had to do. Don't feed into the negative. Be positive.

    ''You'll find yourself when you lose.''

    You two are winners in our eyes, anyway.
    Stay positive, God bless.

  168. When I heard that you guy left Paramore, I'll be honest, I cried.

    Then I read your post, and I was shocked, not only knowing what was the story behing your band, but how unfair MUSIC INDUSTRY is, and not Hayley. I think it was really childish blaming Hayley for everything that you didn't like, but don't you see that she is the victim of music industry too??

    Still love you and I hope the best for you in the future. You will be missed in Paramore but I think that it will be the best because if you weren't happy it would only be bad for you and the rest of the band.

    I'm happy that you posted the blog, but I only wished that you could post this next time without making Hayley look like a bitch.

    I have been a Parawhore for a really long time and I will continue with being one, with or without you. I remember that once I said to a friend that she should listen to Paramore cuz it always cheered me up when I was sad. Oh, and I never saw Paramore as only Hayley, I saw Paramore as a BAND.

    Before I finish this post, if there is a little change that you read this. Pleasem just listen to one of your songs, everyone out there are using the lyrics to remember you.

    -Parawhore that never got the change to see you live

  169. This honestly breaks my heart. I was so easily fooled, from that image, that all of you were the best of friends, and then seeing this. Paramore was, and still is, my teenage years. Your music saved me. But, I suppose, it wasn't for you, and it isn't making you happy. If you believe God is showing you a new direction, go towards it.

    I wish you and Zac all the best in the near future, and Jenna too. Merry Christmas. (:

  170. thanks for telling the truth. could've been worded a little differently but whatever. you're bitter and i guess i sort of understand why.

    i just want to know, did you guys actually enjoy touring? the shows? the fans? making the music for us? i saw you in Birmingham, UK last month and had a blast, but if i found out that you guys didn't even enjoy it i'd just be devastated.

    good luck in whatever you decide to do in the future. and thank you Josh if you took the time to read this.

  171. you guys are hypocrites, how could you go on writing and playing songs about not giving up and staying together when really the band was falling apart! brand new eyes seems like a lie now, and after all the people that believed in you! its just a shame!

  172. Well not everything great can last right? I'm sure within the bad times there were good times. Getting to travel and meet fans, make new friends. I wish both you and Zac the best! You'll be greatly missed in Paramore, but I know you'll both go on to do so much more. :) I'm happy to know the truth, so thanks for being real with everyone, regardless if they like it or not.
    Best wishes and Merry Christmas. I sincerely wish you and Zac happiness!

  173. Ok, I'm wont say that i like this all histor y, but no matter what, i'm gonna still here supporting Paramore, and wishing much lucky for you and Zac whatever you do =]. Is hard to know the truth after all the time we spent dreaming with the band, but this is life, and things are not always the way we want. Paramore still my favorite band, Zac still my favorite drummer ever and Josh still being one of my greatest idols s2

  174. You do what you have to do. Josh, you are seriously one of my guitar inspirations and I really hope to hear music from you guys in the future.


  175. Josh,

    I'm very happy to see you sharing your thoughts and feelings on the subject. Thanks for doing do. It must have been a tricky decision. I'm sorry to see so many people lash out and be so highly critical of you for simply speaking your mind.

    I can't imagine what the past 6 months have been like since you made your intentions known to the band. It must has been hell waiting for those 6 months to be up.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors, and cherish all the time you'll now get to spend with your wife, without interruption. :)

  176. I can't watch the video, it says it was removed for nudity and sexual content? :/

  177. anon. same! i mean, i'm going to put my blind faith int he fact that someone who had the balls to try and post a video-even one i can't see- is telling the truth, but i never liked paramore anyway-or to be exact hayley.dunno why. ex parawhore speaking anyways

  178. i have been a huge fan of paramore since the beginning and love all of u but i dont think it was nice of u guys to point fingers at each other cuz at the end of the day u guys became a well known band regardless of how it happened and regardless of all the problems u guys have had. God has mysterious plans for everyone and maybe if Hayley wouldn't have become ur lead singer ur dreams of touring and making albums wouldn't have happened so quickly. u all are very talented but if u truly love GOD u would know that he dislikes gossip. Gossip or "the truth" as u wrote only works for two things:

    1. Intent. Gossipers often have the goal of building themselves up by making others look bad and exalting themselves as some kind of repositories of knowledge.

    2. The type of information shared. Gossipers speak of the faults and failings of others, or reveal potentially embarrassing or shameful details regarding the lives of others without their knowledge or approval. Even if they mean no harm, it is still gossip.

    In the book of Romans, Paul reveals the sinful nature and lawlessness of mankind, stating how God poured out His wrath on those who rejected His laws. Because they had turned away from God's instruction and guidance, He gave them over to their sinful natures. The list of sins includes gossips and slanderers (Romans 1:29b-32). We see from this passage how serious the sin of gossip is and that it characterizes those who are under God’s wrath.....
    u never needed to say anything u have not only destroyed the appearance of Paramore but also of yourselves.also u have created a feud between fan's uncool man :-(

  179. I support you guys. I respect your honesty. I'm not the OMG LiKE iM YOU BiGGEST FAN, but I still know what a true fan would say. I'm honestly pissed at your fans. Why can't they leave yall alone? They say they hate you for leaving but then if you were to rejoin the band they would love you again. That's just bull. I still love paramore's music, maybe not their character, but the music is what really matters. And in conclusion, let's just drop this, because we are starting a not neeeded riot. This is just the final riot I'm going to put up with. If I hear more rivaly I'm just going to permentaly transfer to anothe alternative band to listen to. Sorry it's just the truth. This is the world of music, not the world of degrassi.

  180. I'm really glad you posted this, we really needed some insight as to why you and Zac left the band.
    To all those people being bitchy, get over it, like Josh said YOU asked for it. He was just saying what he felt no point in judging.
    As for Paramore I'm always going to love them but not as much since the band that I used to admire is not the same, and even though I don't see Hayley in the same light I still love Taylor and Jeremy.
    I really hope you and Zac do what YOU guys want in your life, and I will always support you in whatever you do as I will still listen to Paramore and be amazed by their music.
    I really admire you for being so honest Josh!

  181. I can see why you left, all your "fans" are too busy bitching about how you betrayed them. I understand what if feels like when your constantally not given your fair share of credit, but I also know what it's like to be pushed in the spotlight and hated by the less noticed. From what it looks like, all of you tried to keep the band together but weren't seeing eye to eye. You were both important members in Paramore and will be missed, but God bless you and whatever new career you choose, and may he give you strength to ignore the accusations and judgements. Happy holidays :)

  182. To all those that are saying they can't see the video:
    He just confirms the blog post is real and he understands that it'll make some people happy and some upset, but that's just the way things are.
    Some trolls must have wrongly flagged it because they were pissed.

  183. This is absolutely the fakest post in the world. The video doesn't work, hmm wonder why? And why would Josh create a blogspot right when this whole "leaving the band" started. Josh has never had a personal twitter, facebook, or anything else for that matter. He's always kept his personal life quiet. Always. And so has his wife. You fake, what do you have to gain from constructing lies from the little bit of truth that ALL Paramore fans know? This is a sad attempt at besmirching Hayley's humble reputation. She's always pushed off the solo career. If she truly wanted a solo career, she could've damn well had it loooong ago. And I'm not saying that Hayley wasn't wrong at all in the complications of the band. Everyone makes mistakes. But again, this "true" blog blows everything way out of proportion. I'm not sure what derranged fans like you can gain from making such a heinous post as this. Get a life, and stop screwing up other peoples.

  184. Good luck with everything.
    Paramore didnt work out but please dont you or Zac stop making music cause your both awesome. :D

    Oh and also please let your wife know that not all paramore fans are pathetic bitches who say mean things about her :)

  185. the video you posted has been removed from youtube due to sexual content or nudity.......

  186. Does anyone have another link to the youtube video, as the one posted by Josh seems to have been removed. I'd like to watch it!
    I'd like to wish Josh and Zac all the best in the future and I think the Hayley Williams show will self destruct sooner rather than later. It's been getting tedious for a while now.

  187. Omg, ofcourse that this is real. Someone deleted the video, someone that didn't want this to come out.. But haha, it's back... -

  188. I like how you stuck up for your beliefs. You don't understand how much searching I had to do to find out both sides of the story; you and your brothers and the remaining bandmates of Paramore. I feel dissapointed in that the band has just been grinning and bearing everything for years now. I have literally cried after a rough day and felt the only escape was Paramores music because well it seemed the lyrics and effort put into the songs where genuine. I feel somewhat cheated. (Not that Paramore owes me anything) I just wanted to give you a sort of fans perspective. Neither side the band has broken to is truly to blame. And im not taking sides. But picture your bestfriend who's been with you since forever helped you through problems and also was there for good quality laughs. Suddenly you find out it was a facade. Wouldn't you be hurt? I hate to post this anomously but it's the only option I have. Have a good life, and don't dwell on all the bad things. Remember this and tell your children all about "the dream" many would kill for. And tell them how you inspired many teens(like myself) that everything isn't always what it seems and to stand up for your beliefs.


    A Wise Fan

    PS:I hope you all join back and tie back together all the loose ends. And everyone finally gets a say in the bands direction. So you can get back to making good music. If not, I'll always have the old songs..

  189. I'm so upset that Josh and Zac have left the band, but at the end of the day, it was their decision - if you were true fans, you'd support them every step of the way - no matter what path they took. If they believe it was for the best, then all of us should believe them, and support them. Not give them grief.
    Your music will never be forgotten, When I saw you guys live - it was possibly the best night of my life <3

    I wish you and Zac the best of luck in the future, I hope you both find happiness elsewhere :)

  190. I'm not really sad that you posted the blog just kinda the relization that its real=\
    It sucks relizing that people who were your idols for 4 years arent perfect.
    To the fans who keep argueing and taking sides: Its really not our place to judge who was wrong and write in this situation. None of us were there. I hope you guys support Josh and Zac with their desicion and support the new guys(:'() in paramore. I saw a lot of hateful things when taylor joined and i really hope that doesnt happen again.
    To Josh and Zac: I'm truthfully happy that you guys are starting to find happiness. No matter how much i wish you were still in paramore i want you guys to happy. There is no point in doing something that makes you unhappy. I hope you know you have tons of fans who support and love you guys no matter what. Don't let the haters keep you down! I know that you'll probably never see this but if you do i want you guys to know that through everything that blogs says im so thankful you guys stayed in paramore long enough to change my life. Josh is the reason i started playing guitar and that itself changed me. I now relize how lucky i am to have seen paramore twice and met them while ya'll were in the band. Because when i look back i'll still have the pictures, the autographs, that tee shirts, the albums, and the memories. That's more than i could ever ask for.
    I hope you guys find happiness wherever life takes you. Whether thats getting a "normal" job or starting a new band(hint hint you should start a new band and play in nashville hint hint). I have some sort of special place in my heart for you guys and wish both of you the best! Love you guys and hope to get some updates:)

  191. hi

    first off i just want to say that you're both amazing musicians and that i truly wish you both a happy and successful future.

    paramore is my favourite BAND. i NEVER saw paramore as a lead singer and background musicians.

    though after everything that has come out over the past few days i have to say that i am extremely confused and disillusioned about the band i have strongly supported over the past few years.

    it feels like now that we know a lot more about the last few years of your life that all the happy pictures and interviews have been false. especially the fact that in all of paramore's brand new eyes interviews all that was talked about was the fact that the band /almost/ broke up but that everything was rosy.

    aaanyhow.. i know that neither of you will probably ever read this but i really want to say thank you for all the music that you have written that has truly helped me over the last few years.

    i wish you all the best in the future.
    thank you both for everything.


  192. Im sad!

    i dont belive this

    I am from COLOMBIA

    I wanted see you in my country

    but i understad you

    GOOD LUCK in the future

    (im sorry for my bad english =D)

  193. Wow.
    Our circle of friends were fans of Paramore and so this link has been sent around our 'clique'.

    Respect. You've kept your beliefs and standards and you are attentive to the word of God. You've written in a tone that shows you have left on mutual terms and no bitter feelings so therefore us (fans) have none either.

    This is both inspiring and upsetting but it seems that it's time. I believe because you have followed what God has called you to do, He has greater things with even more impact.

    Keep doing whatever you are doing, because you're paving the way to us youngens (especially aspiring musicians). All the best with your music career and your spiritual walk. Enjoy.

  194. This comment has been removed by the author.

  195. Good luck Josh for everything, we'll miss you
    God bless you

    Magali, from France

  196. As sad as I am to see you go,I respect you're decision as long as it is what makes you guys happy. Thank you for all of the great music. I really appreciate it, and will always love it. Best luck for you and your family in the future!
    Ps, sorry about all the people giving you a hard time. It will get better. :)


  197. "This is absolutely the fakest post in the world. The video doesn't work, hmm wonder why? And why would Josh create a blogspot right when this whole "leaving the band" started. Josh has never had a personal twitter, facebook, or anything else for that matter. He's always kept his personal life quiet. Always. And so has his wife. You fake, what do you have to gain from constructing lies from the little bit of truth that ALL Paramore fans know? This is a sad attempt at besmirching Hayley's humble reputation. She's always pushed off the solo career. If she truly wanted a solo career, she could've damn well had it loooong ago. And I'm not saying that Hayley wasn't wrong at all in the complications of the band. Everyone makes mistakes. But again, this "true" blog blows everything way out of proportion. I'm not sure what derranged fans like you can gain from making such a heinous post as this. Get a life, and stop screwing up other peoples."

    Josh, I want to apologize for the above post. It was extremely immature of me. Until I saw the video, I couldn't trust this blog because I see these kinds of blogs all the time. Please forgive me for that. I guess it was just hard for me to believe that a band, which I've looked up to for so long and which has inspired me to play music, was built on such unforgiving ground.

    I will be praying for you and Zac, as well as Jeremy, Hayley, and Taylor because I love all of you. I know that God will lead you and Zac to exactly where you need to be. Again, I am so sorry for the extremely rude post, and I hope you and your family have a great Christmas together.


  198. i am glad i know the truth.. even if it is hard to swallow. i think what you guys did the right thing and i am very grateful that you two put up with so much for us. Both of you will always be missed and i will always support you in every decision made.